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Review By Dominique Rodriguez,
Je trouve que 9,90€ de frais de port pour un produit qui coûte 13 euros et pèse 260g, c est abus ...
Review By Laura,
De bons conseils et de bons produits. ...
Review By Lisa,
Un magasin magnifique découvert grâce à la visite virtuelle, accessible au téléphone et de bon ...


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  • Produits de la Ruche

    <p>Discover our selection of beehive and bee products: based on honey, royal jelly or propolis, take advantage of the soothing benefits for your nose and throat, gentle cosmetic treatments for your hair, energetic benefits of honey and its derivatives for your body and your health</p>
  • Compléments alimentaires

    <p>In addition to your diet, the natural active ingredients in the nutrients from our selection of products <strong>will help you strengthen your natural defenses, fight against fatigue, facilitate your digestion, support your cardiovascular system.</strong></p>
  • Phytothérapie

    <p>Treat yourself <span><strong>naturally with plants</strong></span>, Improve your well-being and your form, Help your body to fight against infections and pain: Discover our selection of herbal products, powder, oil, herbal teas and capsules, <span style="color:#2e3192;"><strong>witnesses of a natural and traditional medicine</strong></span>.</p>
  • Aromathérapie

    <p>By massage, diffusion in the air or in capsules, benefit from the benefits of natural extracts from plant aromas and<strong> essential oils to stimulate your immune defenses</strong>, fight against stress and fatigue, <strong>help you sleep better and breathe better</strong>.</p>
  • Cosmétiques

    <p>Discover our selection of <strong>natural cosmetics</strong>, respectful of your body and your well-being: our natural hygiene <strong>products for the body and for the mouth</strong>, soaps and shampoos, herbal beauty products, oils, balms and ointments for soothe and relax your skin and body</p>
  • Encens / Esotérisme

    <p>Change your environment with a <strong><span style="color:#2e3192;">natural interior scent</span></strong>: incense is traditionally used around the world for its virtues on physical and mental well-being and its contribution to relaxation.</p>
  • Accessoires

    <p>Discover the products of the Gabriel Couzian <span style="color:#2e3192;"><strong>cosmetic laboratory range</strong></span>, natural cosmetic and dermocosmetic care, <span style="color:#2e3192;"><strong>respectful of your body, repairing and protecting skin care</strong></span></p>

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